I Got CERV’D!!!

A quick note to those of you who ordered some of my “You Got CERV’D!” shirts off of Zazzle in the last week or two and had that order cancelled:

The shirts have been taken off the site for now due to a bit of unintentional copyright infringement on my part. Even though I made certain not to include ANY copyrighted words or images in the design itself, I did use Cervelli’s and the Yankees’ names in the description. That’s a no-no according to Zazzle’s terms of service, so the shirts have been taken down. I’ll be re-posting the design later on today, without any mention of what the hell the shirt means or is about, and everything should be kosher. I apologize for the delay, and greatly thank all of you for your interest in my li’l picture. You guys kick ass.


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