CM Podcast w/ Will Leitch

Deadspin founder, NY Mag writer, Sporting News contributor, author of “Are We Winning: Fathers & Sons in the New Golden Age of Baseball”  and newly minted member of the marvelous institution of marriage, Will Leitch drops by the podcast to share his stories of life, laughter, and love.


And, here’s Will’s tumblr page that I mentioned, with all his great movie reviews. If you’re wondering, he’s 100% correct about Inglourious Basterds and UP (except he forgets to mention how lousy the character designs of the evil dogs are in UP, and that Basterds star Melanie Laurent’s next great role should be as my second ex-wife).

WARNING: The Craig Mahoney Podcast may contain naughty language and ribald humor. Proceed with caution.



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