CM Podcast – Monmouth’s Best

It’s a Jersey Shore-centric podcast as Craig plays some interviews he did at the Best of Monmouth Festival, talks about some of the great things to do around here, and rips apart a NY Magazine writer’s take on his home of Long Branch. There’s also a snot joke and a Kermit the Frog impression.


WARNING: The Craig Mahoney Podcast may contain naughty language and ribald humor. Proceed with caution.



One thought on “CM Podcast – Monmouth’s Best”

  1. Craig, I liked your podcast and thought you did a good job of covering the “Best of Monmouth” event. I’m with the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation, and as you probably already know, the link to your podcast was distributed to our membership. We run a lot of music events, which might give you opportunities for other podcasts if you’re interested. By the way, with music in the background, you might need a noise-cancelling mic for interviews in the foreground. The low frequencies in the music modulate the voice and cause distortion. — Steve Pez

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