Episode 57 – Larry Collmus & The “Wife Race”

Monmouth Park announcer Larry Collmus stops by CM Studios to talk about the international viral sensation that his “Thewifedoesntknow/Mywifenosevrything” call has become, get in a little Yanks/BoSox discussion, and Craig & Larry have a heartfelt BlackBerry reconciliation.


WARNING: The Craig Mahoney Podcast may contain naughty language and ribald humor. Proceed with caution.



One thought on “Episode 57 – Larry Collmus & The “Wife Race””

  1. Since I’m not smart enough to have my own podcast, I’ll leave this assignment to you. The next time you have Larry Collmus on your show, ask him to compare the sports fans and media of the markets he has worked at. In other words, ask him to compare the fans in Baltimore (from his MD days), Boston (from his Suffolk days), south Florida (from his current Gulfstream stint) and NYC area fans (from Monmouth and Meadowlands…I still want my Big M flats!)

    I think that would make for an interesting discussion.

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