I’m Mr. Brightside

Been through something horrible in your life? Some recent tragedy in the news got you down? Seemingly endless problems like war, racism, and poverty make you want to not go on living? Well, never fear dear listeners! Your ol’ pal Craiggers, “Mr. Brightside” himself, is going to find a silver lining for you! E-mail your problems to cmbrightside@gmail.com, then tune in to the podcast to hear me show you a bright side to what’s been darkening your sad little days.

On Monday’s show, Bill Coyle & I tried to find a bright side to two of the great scourges of modern civilization, rape and racism, with middling success. Now we’re looking to you, my dear, sweet, sexy li’l listeners, to help us out. Every Monday on the podcast we’ll be accentuating the podcast as we read your e-mails of despair. So, get writing, you little buggers! Otherwise, we’ll have to come up with topics of conversation ourselves, and that will only lead to disaster.


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