CM Studios Art Sale

As I go about re-launching the site, the podcast, and, basically, my whole career as an artist/entertainer, I’m looking to catch up on a few bills, and maybe gain a little capitol. So, I’m taking a bunch of my art off my walls and throwing it up for sale at reduced prices. That’s right! You, my loyal readers and listeners, are the lucky recipients of my poverty-induced largesse. If you don’t see anything you like here, I am currently accepting commissions for the fall and upcoming holiday season. Just shoot an e-mail to

“The Wee Small Hours” acrylic on canvas 24″x36″ – $450.00

“The Babe” 11″x14″ pen & ink – $75.00

“Bond, James Bond” 24″x36″ acrylic on canvas – $250.00

“Tigers’ Roar” 24″x36″ acrylic on canvas – $650.00


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