Podcast Ep. 66 – JSRW Oktoberfest 2: Electric Beer-aloo

In the final, thrilling, drunken installment of a beer-soaked 2 part podcast, Craig & co-host Bill Coyle report from the Jersey Shore Restaurant Week Oktoberfest at The Headliner in Neptune, NJ. In part 2 Jeremy Watts, from Brewer’s Apprentice in Freehold, tells you where you can go to brew your own beer in NJ, we hear from great Jersey Shore band The Ugly Club, and say hello to Brian Ciriaco, co-founder of Point Pleasant’s East Coast Beer Co, whose Beach Haus Classic American Lager was a delicious addition to Craig and Bill’s afternoon. C & B also revel in another Yankees victory, and tell you where you’ll be spending your happy hour next Friday. *

*(Hint: It’s The Kat Shack in Matawan, NJ).


WARNING: The Craig Mahoney Podcast may contain naughty language and ribald humor. Proceed with caution


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