See Craig this Thursday in NYC

Hey, kids. It’s your old pal Craiggers here with both a favor to ask and a great deal for you. This Thursday, at the New York Comedy Club in (you guessed it) New York City, I make my long-awaited return to the NY stand-up scene as part of the Super Ego Comedy Stand-Up Showcase. Now, this is what we in The Biz refer to as a “bringer show”. What that means is that for new, starved-for-exposure comics like myself to get a little stage time, I’ve gotta have a few paying customers in the audience who came just to see li’l ol’ me.

So, what I need this Thursday is for 5 of you to come to the New York Comedy Club to laugh your asses off at my hilarious and insightful act, and to sweeten the pot a bit, here’s a little something from me to you: Head on over to the Super Ego website to purchase tickets in advance, enter the code “superegofan” and save $5 off the ticket price. That’s 1/3 of the cost of entry off your ticket. Then, be sure to let them know you’re there to see me.

So, please, come on out. Support me. Support live and new comedy. And, put a few extra pounds on your ass these next two days, because you may be in danger of laughing yours off Thursday night.


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