As those of you who follow me have heard me mention already, I’m putting together the first ever Jersey Shore ComedyFest to take place this September, from Wed the 7th to Sat the 10th. It will comprise 10 shows over 4 nights from Red Bank to Belmar with over 50 comics coming from all over NY, NJ, and PA to take part.

We’ve already booked nationally known headliners, such as Otto & George, Joe Matarese, and Rich Vos for the ComedyFest, and I’m locking down the last few venues as you read this.

However, I am not nearly capable of putting this all together myself, and while I do have some other comics and friends already helping me, we’re going to need a lot more help. Here’s what I need:

  • Volunteers to help run the actual shows,  i. e. collect tickets and admission, seat people, hand out promotional items, set up and break down PA & stage area, etc.
  • Street crew to hand out flyers in the community,  as well as working with local businesses and store fronts to hang posters.
  • Web/graphic design help for the JSCF website, as well as poster & t-shirt designs
  • Sales help. We’re looking for sponsors for the entire festival, as well as for the individual shows themselves.

As I’ve said, this will be primarily volunteer work, but will be a great and fun experience creating what will hopefully become a yearly event that will just grow and grow, not to mention meeting an working with some of the funniest people in the area.

If at all interested, please e-mail me at cm (at) craigmahoney dot com.


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