Works In Progress: Eli & Ali

Here are a pair of paintings I’m currently working on. One is of a celebratory Eli Manning during this year’s Super Bowl (which, you may have heard, he was MVP of after leading his Giants to victory). The other is of a younger Muhammad Ali (I believe he may even still have been Cassius Clay when this pic was taken. I’m not sure. I couldn’t find a date for it).

Both paintings should be much closer to done than they are, but I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out what the hell I wanted the background of the Manning painting to look like. I’m still not sure that I’m completely satisfied with it, OR IF I EVER WILL BE. But, hey, sometimes you gotta let these things go and move on with life.

The Ali is a commissioned piece, but the Eli will be up for sale as soon as it is finished and ready to hang in your man cave as you watch the defending Super Bowl champs throughout the season.




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