Marty O’Brien’s Player Of The Week #1: Eli Manning


Here are a few pics from my first Sunday doing my weekly NFL painting at Marty O’Brien’s in Hoboken. Even though the Giants weren’t playing yesterday, I had already laid out this Eli painting. So, I figured I may as well finish it up there. It’s not entirely finished yet. I still have a few details to put in. I’ll post the fully finished one tomorrow.

Jets fans will enjoy next week’s player, Darrelle Revis. That one should look pretty badass. You can follow along on my twitter account every Sunday, and suggest players for me to paint (I will have to do 17 of these) by using the hashtag #MOBPOTW.

I also highly suggest you swing by in person. Marty’s is a great bar with plenty of TVs so you can watch whatever game you want, fantastic bartenders, a great beer selection, and killer buffalo wings (which I absolutely destroyed yesterday). Marty O’Brien’s is located on the corner of 1st & Bloomfield in Hoboken.

And, yes, Eli will be up for sale.





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