Marty O’Brien’s Painting Of The Week No. 2: Darelle Revis


Here’s some photos of this Sunday’s Player Of The Week painting at Marty O’Brien’s in Hoboken. It is, of course, the NY Jets’ great Darrelle Revis. It’s not 100% finished yet, but will be within the next day or so. Once finished, it will be available to purchase, and will of course make a fabulous addition to any Jets’ fan’s home.

I had a really great time there this week, and got pretty distracted, by a great Giant come-from-behind win. The atmosphere there really is perfect for the games, good crowd, great (not to mention attractive) bartenders, plenty of food & beer specials, and plenty of TV’s to watch whatever game you want. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out and painting there the last two Sundays. I highly suggest you swing by one week and say hello.

There’s also a comedy show/open mic every Sunday night at 9, and I’ll usually do a few minutes of material after I wrap my painting stuff up. So, it is one of the rare places you can come see me do both my jobs.

Next week, I’m pretty sure I’ll be painting Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu, but I’m open for suggestions. You can suggest players to be painted by following me on twitter (@CraigMahoney) and using the hashtag #MOBPOTW.








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