CALL FOR ART: “Pretend Of The Nerds” A tribute to the geek pop culture of the 80’s

By the power of Greyskull, it’s time to pop a few power pellets, hop in the DeLorean, and phone home back to the 80’s. Because you know what ol’ Jack Burton says at times like this, it’s that Goonies never say die and knowing is half the battle.

I’m currently accepting submissions for the next group art show at Northern Soul in Hoboken. It’s a nerdy tribute to 80’s entertainment, so think John Carpenter instead of John Hughes, Jem instead of Joan Jett.

The show will open on Friday, June 14th. Submission deadline is Wednesday, June 5th. This is an open call for art, so feel free to share this with as many artists as you know.

E-mail pics to

Northern soul takes a 30% commission from all sales


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