New Artwork: Calvin & Hobbes, Catwoman, Wolverine, and more

Here’s another update with some of the finished pieces I’ll be displaying (and selling) next Friday, June 7th, for my solo show “Portraits Of Awesomeness: The Art Of A Fanboy” It’s at Boca Grande on 564 Washington Blvd, in Jersey City as part of the citywide JC Fridays arts tour. Opening reception’s 6-8pm. Tell all your little fanboy and fan girl friends, and keep checking back here for more updates. Yankees, Alien, Jaws, Batman, Star Wars, and Simpsons fans, I’ll have a little something for each of you.







12 thoughts on “New Artwork: Calvin & Hobbes, Catwoman, Wolverine, and more”

  1. Ummm . . . wow! Your Calvin and Hobbes piece is a blowaway. You captured the essence of this moment perfectly on so many dimensions I can’t even count them. The expression on Calvin’s face is priceless – you can see the memories running through his mind!

    1. My 30 year old son loved the Calvin & Hobbes strip. The print arrived in time for his birthday. He will be blown away. Thanks for capturing this moment for all of us that truly believe.

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