CALL FOR ART: “Legends Of Laughter” at the UCB East

The Upright Citizens Brigade is a legendary name in comedy, and I’m proud to announce that I will be curating monthly art shows at the UCBeast theater in the East Village. The first show opens Tuesday, October 8th, and the theme is “Legends Of Laughter”.

I’m looking for portraits of the true icons of comedy, people you recognize without even hearing their full name – Groucho, Woody, Lenny, Carlin, Pryor, Gilda, Belushi, Letterman, etc. You get the idea.

The work can be in any medium, but must be ready to hang. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 3. We will take a 30% commission on all sales, so please price accordingly.  E-mail pics of submissions to

This is gonna be a great event. I can’t wait to see what you kids cook up!


Groucho Marx/The Marx Brothers
Charlie Chaplin
Laurel & Hardy
The Three Stooges
Jerry Lewis
Jackie Gleason
Lucille Ball
Lenny Bruce
Don Rickles
Mel Brooks
Woody Allen
Joan Rivers
Phyllis Diller
Bill Cosby
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
70’s Steve Martin
Rodney Dangerfield
Gilda Radner
John Belushi
Bill Murray
David Letterman
80’s Eddie Murphy
Jerry Seinfeld
Chris Rock
Louis CK
Tina Fey




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