Works In Progress: Bill Murray, Alien, Yankees, Easy Rider, and more…

After a few weeks spent tending to other matters, I am currently in the middle of SEVERAL different pieces. I didn’t get that Bill Murray painting done in time for the opening of the Legends Of Laughter show at the UCBeast, but I’m hoping to have it done and up on the walls there by next week. I’m also finishing up an Alien drawing I started awhile ago for a Halloween-themed solo show I’m having at Boca Grande in Jersey City at the end of the month. The rest are all commission pieces. There’s the initial sketches for an Easy Rider piece with Hopper, Fonda, and Nicholson riding camels (long story), some repeat pieces where I’ve been asked to do my old Lou Gehrig drawing and recent Quint painting again, and finally a nice li’l beach scene and wedding portrait. A fairly wide variety of pieces hanging around the Batcave right now, waiting to get finished. As always, I’ll post ’em when they’re done.



photo (1)






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