Works In Progress: So Many Activities!!!

No, I’m not not working on a Step Brothers piece (although, maybe I should… Prestige Worldwide!). I am, however working on a number of different pieces for a show that will be opening on Halloween at Boca Grande in Jersey City. We’re having a big opening with a live comedy and music show as well. the whole night’s going to kick ass. So, do yourself a favor and find a way to get over there. In keeping with the Halloween theme, some of the pieces are a little darker than my normal fare, but as I am not a huge horror fan, some of the monsters I’m working on are more the psychological kind. And, some of the other pieces are just my usual “Hey! Isn’t this cool???” shit.

Below, in various stages of progress, are Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Heath Ledger’s Joker, a trio of Bill Murrays, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, a bunch of 80’s cartoon heroes, the xenomorph from Alien, a layout for a Pan’s Labyrinth piece, and Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. ENJOY!









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