Follow Me On Tumblr!

If you’re on tumblr, please give me a follow. In my attempts to penetrate and permeate as much of the web as possible with my li’l doodles and jokes, I’ve created a few specific tumblr sites dedicated to my various activities. Some of these are brand new, a few have been around for awhile, but all will be updated near daily from here on out with new material and old.

At Yer Ole Pal Craiggers you’ll find updates on all my comedy comings and goings.

Portraits Of Awesomeness is dedicated solely to my geek and pop culture art.

The Art Of A Champion is nothing but my sports art.

Last but not least, Sketch(ing) Comedy will be sketches, drawings, paintings, and poster/flyer art I do of or for various comedians, some famous, some legendary, some just friends of mine.

There’s gonna be some cool stuff (I promise!). So check it all out. Thanks!


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