Episode 004 – Transport To Oblivion

New OPT!

Optimus PrimeTime

After the events of More Than Meets The Eye, the Transformers are back! Well, actually the Autobots never left, despite the fact that the entire world chipped in for a nice, new spaceship for them. The Decepticons, it turns out, also didn’t die, and have built a swell new city under the sea for themselves. But, that’s not all! Not content with their underwater paradise, the Decepticons are building a spacebridge to Cybertron and have enlisted Bumblebee and Spike to be its first guinea pigs! Craig and Justin break it all down for you in the latest episode of Optimus PrimeTime.


This week’s Transformers art from Craig is a 9″ x 12″ gouache painting of Optimus Prime, with a little colored pencil for some line and detail work. To purchase this piece, or commission custom-made art, e-mail craigmahoneyart@gmail.com

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