New Art – Jiminy Cricket

Here’s some more fun with gouache and classic cartoon illustration with another Disney character. This time it’s Jiminy Cricket, another example of great character work from the Disney Studios during its golden age. He is such a great character. His wry sense of humor, detached bemusement at the events that transpire around him, occasional curmudgeonliness, and overall American-ness make him a perfect guide and entry point to what is a very classic, often dark, old-world European fairy tale. Without him I don’t think the movie works nearly as well as it does, if at all. I love him. He’s easily one of my favorite Disney characters ever.


This is an 8″ x 10″ painting done entirely in gouache, mixed with white and black acrylics. I initially went this route because my white and black gouache was running low, and I always have a surplus of both in acrylic. So, I decided to use those as mixers and, man, I really like how it turned out. The acrylic blend added just enough extra thickness and consistency that I think really brings a richness to the whole piece. I also, once again, used official Disney art for reference, but with an original pose and a bit of my own style imposed on it. I’m really happy with how this one came out and think I may finally have landed on my own style and technique for how I want to do this type of art going forward. Enjoy! If interested in this, or any other art, email me at


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