“Portaits Of Awesomeness” Art Show Opening Mon 10/20 in Hoboken


On behalf of  Northern Soul and the Northern Soul Art Project’s curator Narciso Espiritu, Jr., I invite you to the opening reception for “Portraits Of Awesomeness: The Pop-Culture Art of Craig Mahoney” on Monday, October 20th at 7pm. Nearly two dozen new, original drawings and paintings celebrating my favorites from movies, music, TV, and comedy will be on display, with most being shown publicly for the first time.

All artwork will be available for purchase. In addition, there will be drink specials, free snacks, and some of the movies and music that inspired the artwork playing throughout the night. I’m also hearing a rumor that there will be cookies. No promises, though.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys promoting other people’s work (and if you are, THANKS!), here’s the link to the facebook event page and below are some promo pics for your Instagram, twitter, and facebook feeds. Feel free to tag me on instagram (@yerolepalCraiggers) or twitter (@CraigMahoney) and hashtag it #PortraitsOfAwesomeness (Is that a long hashtag? Yes. Do I have a better idea? No. We’ll just have to live with it.).

POA_NoSo_Instagram_Audrey POA_NoSo_Instagram_Bats POA_NoSo_Instagram_Boba POA_NoSo_Instagram_Indy POA_NoSo_Instagram_Joker POA_NoSo_Instagram_Sinatra POA_NoSo_Instagram_Vader POA_NoSo_Instagram_Yoda


CALL FOR ART: “A Cartoon Cavalcade” group show at UCB East


The Hot Chicks Gallery at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, East Village is currently accepting submissions for their next group art show, a tribute to animated comedy from Bugs Bunny to Bob’s Burgers.

“A Cartoon Cavalcade” will open on Tuesday, August 12th, and run until Monday, September 8th.

All art must be ready to hang. Artists will receive 70% of all sales. Email submissions to cm@craigmahoney.com by Friday, August 8th.

Other upcoming group shows at the Hot Chicks Gallery:
SEPT – “Seinfeld” 25th anniversary show
NOV – Harold Ramis 70th birthday tribute

Works In Progress: Bill Murray, Easy Rider, Pryor, Maron, Gehrig

Here are a few pieces I’m currently working on. The “Easy Rider on camels” painting and Lou Gehrig drawing are both commissions I’m finishing up, and the others are all going to be part of my upcoming solo show at the UCB East‘s Hot Chicks gallery, “Sketch(ing) Comedy”,  which will feature drawings and paintings depicting some of my favorite comedians and comedy characters and movies. Below is a work-in-progress Bill Murray painting and early sketches for Richard Pryor and Marc Maron drawings.

easyrider02 gehrig01 BillMurray02 pryor01 maron01



Work In Progress: Breaking Bad, The Joker, Bill Murray, 80’s Toons, and Easy Rider

Here are some more work in progress pics of some pieces I’m working on for my Halloween show at Boca Grande in Jersey City on Thursday, as well as a just-about-finished commission piece of the main characters from Easy Rider riding camels instead of motorcycles.  I’ll post pics of the finished paintings later on this week.

Heisenberg02 Joker02 BillMurray01 Voltron02 EasyRider


Works In Progress: So Many Activities!!!

No, I’m not not working on a Step Brothers piece (although, maybe I should… Prestige Worldwide!). I am, however working on a number of different pieces for a show that will be opening on Halloween at Boca Grande in Jersey City. We’re having a big opening with a live comedy and music show as well. the whole night’s going to kick ass. So, do yourself a favor and find a way to get over there. In keeping with the Halloween theme, some of the pieces are a little darker than my normal fare, but as I am not a huge horror fan, some of the monsters I’m working on are more the psychological kind. And, some of the other pieces are just my usual “Hey! Isn’t this cool???” shit.

Below, in various stages of progress, are Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Heath Ledger’s Joker, a trio of Bill Murrays, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, a bunch of 80’s cartoon heroes, the xenomorph from Alien, a layout for a Pan’s Labyrinth piece, and Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. ENJOY!









“Legends Of Laughter” Art & Comedy Show at UCB East

It is my utmost pride and pleasure to announce that I’ll be curating and producing a new monthly art & comedy series at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, East Village. On the first Tuesday of each month, in the Hot Chicks Room at the UCBeast, we’ll have the opening reception for a new art show followed by a one hour stand-up showcase hosted by myself & Austin Rodrigues. The theme for this month’s show is “Legends Of Laughter”, art depicting the all-time greats of comedy, created by some of the area’s finest artists.

For the first show, we’ve got a great collection of work from artists throughout NYC & NJ, and a killer comedy lineup featuring Mark Normand, Amber Nelson , Lukas Kaiser, and Abbi Crutchfield.

Here’s a brief sample of some of the pieces that will be on display. I’ll be posting mine tomorrow>

Groucho Squared

“Groucho Squared” by Ray Arcadio


“Hello Dummy” by Steve Dressler


“Lucy” by Stephanie Herrera



CALL FOR ART: “Legends Of Laughter” at the UCB East

The Upright Citizens Brigade is a legendary name in comedy, and I’m proud to announce that I will be curating monthly art shows at the UCBeast theater in the East Village. The first show opens Tuesday, October 8th, and the theme is “Legends Of Laughter”.

I’m looking for portraits of the true icons of comedy, people you recognize without even hearing their full name – Groucho, Woody, Lenny, Carlin, Pryor, Gilda, Belushi, Letterman, etc. You get the idea.

The work can be in any medium, but must be ready to hang. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 3. We will take a 30% commission on all sales, so please price accordingly.  E-mail pics of submissions to cm@craigmahoney.com

This is gonna be a great event. I can’t wait to see what you kids cook up!


Groucho Marx/The Marx Brothers
Charlie Chaplin
Laurel & Hardy
The Three Stooges
Jerry Lewis
Jackie Gleason
Lucille Ball
Lenny Bruce
Don Rickles
Mel Brooks
Woody Allen
Joan Rivers
Phyllis Diller
Bill Cosby
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
70’s Steve Martin
Rodney Dangerfield
Gilda Radner
John Belushi
Bill Murray
David Letterman
80’s Eddie Murphy
Jerry Seinfeld
Chris Rock
Louis CK
Tina Fey