New Art: A Mingus Among Us

Here’s something for all you jazz fans out there: all-time genius bassist and composer Charles Mingus. You can purchase the original, or get prints, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more over at my TeePublic shop. The original is 9″ x 12″ acrylic with colored pencil highlights on paper. To purchase, e-mail To see and buy all the other products, head here.



New Yankees Art

Here’s the latest batch of Yankee paintings I’ve finished. Most of them painted live outside Yankee Stadium outside the Yankee Twin Eatery & Bar. The DiMaggio is still available. If interested, e-mail

Aaron Judge, Adidas, and Me

Here’s a fun little story for you. Two weeks ago on Thursday night, I met up with a very nice art customer at a very nice Irish Pub up in Woodlawn, and was treated to too many very nice pints of Guinness and shots of Jameson. I woke up the next morning with my muscles sore and my head pounding, and decide to swing by The Yankee Twin Eatery for some coffee and to grab some of my paint brushes for some morning painting. The plan was to head to the Bronx Zoo, do some watercolors of the animals while nursing a beer for my hangover, come home, nap, then be back at the Twin by 4 or 5pm in tip-top shape to do that night’s live-painting. When I get there, though, there’s a line of people down the block all wearing these interesting Aaron Judge t-shirts that I had never seen before. Turns out, if you had gone to the Manhattan Adidas store the night before and purchased said shirt, you got entry into a free meet & greet with Judge taking place at the sports bar right next door to the Twin.

At this point it’s 10am. Judge is getting there at noon. I look at the line of people and wonder if it’s worth setting up my easel outside and doing a little live-painting right then and there, and if I can get something halfway decent done in just two hours. Then I say, fuck it. I’m Craig Mahoney. Of course I can. David Wells pitched his perfect game with a hangover. I can do this. So, I get started, and as I’m going some of the Adidas people start coming by, asking questions, taking pictures, and eventually ask me that if they buy the painting can I put the Adidas logo on it? I explain that if you pay me enough I will paint any damn thing you want. Continue reading “Aaron Judge, Adidas, and Me”

Yankee Stadium Live-Painting 2019 (The Story So Far…)

(NOTE: If you want to skip the story and just see all the artwork, scroll to the bottom. I won’t be too terribly offended.)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook this summer you’ll already know this, but, if not, it’s about time I posted something on here about the live-painting I’ve been doing outside Yankee Stadium all summer long.  For just about every Yankee home game since mid-April, I’ve been outside the Yankee Twin Eatery & Bar (844 River Ave, across from the old Stadium) painting different Yankees. I generally try and start about 2 or 3 hours before first pitch so I have something recognizable and at least 2/3 of the way finished by the time the street’s filled up with fans going to the game. I’ll then paint up through the first or second inning, relax, have a beer and a sandwich, and watch as much of the game as possible, before getting off my butt around the 7th or 8th inning so I can be finishing it up as everyone files out afterward, and hopefully hand it off to a buyer. If not it goes up in my little gallery in the bar downstairs. Continue reading “Yankee Stadium Live-Painting 2019 (The Story So Far…)”

I Love You 3000

On Tuesday night in Arizona Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia became the 17th pitcher in Major League history to record 3000 strikeouts, which was very, very cool. What made it even cooler – for me at least – was that, in the stands, his wife Amber and eldest son were sporting t-shirts I designed for my friend Bald Vinny. Extremely cool to see my artwork be even a small part of such a historic event. Below is a pic of CC’s family, followed by a closeup of the tee, and the original ink drawing itself (which is still available; to purchase email me at Enjoy! And thanks and congratulations to CC and the entire Sabathia family.

New Drawings, Paintings, Sketches

Here are a few new quick pics I did the last couple of weeks in between working on bigger projects, most of them just exercises to keep in practice, or mess around with media and/or subject matter I don’t work with too often. If you’d like to own one, they’re all 9″ x 12″ and just $25 to $75 each. Email if interested.