Pinstriped Podcast w/ Mark Feinsand & Megan Marshall

On this week’s Pinstriped Podcast, Craig talks about the trade deadline, A-Rod’s quest for 600, the good & bad AJ’s, and more with the New York Daily News’ Mark Feinsand and Yankee superfan & twitter star Megan Marshall.


WARNING: The Craig Mahoney Podcast may contain naughty language and ribald humor. Proceed with caution.



Hughes Coming Along

Phil Hughes is finally coming into his own, both as a real-life Yankees pitcher and as the subject in my latest painting. After flirting with a no-hitter last week in Oakland, Hughes gutted his way through 5 2/3 shaky innings last night in Baltimore, only giving up 2 hits. That would’ve been enough to earn him the win had the Yankees bullpen not come in and set fire to the joint.

I’m also getting into the final detail work on my painting of Hughes for Kevin Rozell of Zell’s Pinstripe Blog. All the colors have been laid down, now it’s just a matter of refining and defining everything before finally painting those magical pinstripes on top of the jersey and calling it a day.